Our Story

Agora Lighting Supply, Inc. was originally founded in Minnesota as an electrical supply company. In more recent years, It has shifted focus to become an industry leader in energy efficient lighting.

Today, Agora combines these principles with LED architectural lighting design, manufacturing and distribution, offering a range of lighting experiences through products aligned with healthy working and living.

Agora Lighting Supply meets lighting demand with the best in versatile, energy and cost-efficient lighting. For example, Agora Lighting Supply aims to provide the shortest lead times for assembly and delivery of top-value, specification-grade lighting. Agora Lighting Supply guarantees each customer 100 percent satisfaction.

Agora Supply

Agora Lighting Supply conducts business with a commitment to integrity, innovation and care for ourselves, our customers and our planet to achieve the best lighting in trade.

We believe that strong and healthy communities are built on thriving, local economies. From our packaging to our products, Agora Lighting Supply seeks to discover and source parts, components and supplies from American manufacturers.

Agora Lighting Supply envisions and works to realize a future of lighting which is expressive and efficient. Agora operates in its original MN location with a team of lighting designers, technicians, support staff and sales consultants.
Agora Lighting Supply